Guardian – Turnstiles




Practical and functional safety

Full-height turnstile; characterized by a robust structure and the choice of the best materials to withstand intensive use over time and weathering. A guarantee of security for access to large railway stations, stadiums, seaports, tourist facilities. Available in the 3 or 4 sector versions (single and double).


Seeking the best

Guardian, only on request, is available in  AISI 304 stainless steel. Aesthetic results combined with maximum resistance to weathering.


Seamless integration

All versions of Guardian can be seamlessly integrated with the Came RBM21 and RBM84 systems for complete control of the transits.


LED lighting

Guardian is equipped with comfortable LED lights that illuminate the transit zone. It also comes with the treffic light located near the top of the turnstile.


230 V electronics!

  • fluid motion even under intensive use
  • automatic passage release during black-out